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Season of the Deep launches today in Destiny 2 with many Playstation crossovers

by: Rob -
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I already highlighted many of the upcoming changes a few days ago, but today is the official release of Season 21, Season of the Deep in Destiny 2. The official launch trailer is below highlighting new taken weapons, slick new finishers, the next step in the story as we traverse into the depths of Titan's methane seas, and fishing!

Although the daily reset has come and gone, we're still locked out at the time of publishing with downtime extended:


Season of the Deep will also see a number of cosmetic tie-ins to the larger Playstation universe, the first fruits of Sony's recent acquisition of Bungie. Hunter's are getting the Annoited Hunter armor and finisher to mimic Aloy from the Horizon: Zero Dawn series, Titan's the Godsbane armor and finisher for God of War's Kratos, and Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima will adorn the Warlocks Ancestral set. We've got an emote from Ratchet and Clank and the Last of Us cosmetics to adorn your ghost, sparrow, or ship. 

Here's hoping the updates to the servers finish soon and I can plunge into the depths with my guardian before too long...