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Changes incoming next week with Season 21 of Destiny 2

by: Rob -
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We're currently in the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion era, and Season 20 - The Season of Defiance is just about in the books with only a few days left. Tuesday will see the release of Season 21 and The Season of the Deep with a return to the moon of Titan a number of changes to weapons and armor in the game, and some quality of life improvements. 

  • As for weapons, there are a number of tuning items on tap including the way reticules are going to be giving more information, especially for huns that require charged abilities like fusion rifles, etc. There is an entire blog post and weapon preview that goes into all the details. 
  • There are also a number of exotic armor pieces, top level gear that give unique abilities to player characters being reworked. Some getting stronger, others who see too much play suffering nerfs. More that 20 pieces are being touched and again, they have their own blog post with the details. 
  • Light fall introduced Strand, a new subclass and ability set, and those loadouts are getting more options with each character class getting a new ability for Strand. Hunters get an exploding decoy tied to their class ability, Titans get a long range shot ability they can pop mid-super to supplement the melee nature of that existing super, and Warlocks are getting a buff to the way they interact with tangles, which on the surface might seem the least exciting change, but in practice I expect will the most useful addition giving them even more ability to suspend foes and proc threadlings to maul them. 
  • As for Quality of Life, enemy shields are undergoing a major visual change and interacting with the seasonal artifact is going to be greatly improved. While nothing will change with the function of enemy shields, these cosmetic changes should be a benefit to color blind players or others with accessibility needs. And the artifact will now operate on a toggle for the various options. Previously you had to reset the entire gird of 25 options and re-select all the options you wanted on change, now you'll be able to just swap them out on demand. Very nice!

These details and more are detailed in the latest This Week at Bungie. Eyes up, guardians.