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NBA 2K24 makes massive changes to MyTEAM mode

by: Jason -
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Look, I know it is early, and I know we don’t have the game in our hands yet, but NBA 2K24 is pushing all the right buttons so far. Today, 2K has detailed the changes and improvements coming to the popular MyTEAM mode – my personal favorite. I am happy to report to my fellow MyTEAM aficionados that several of our prayers have been answered for this year’s game.

For starters, MTP payouts have been nearly doubled across all modes in MyTEAM, as 2K says bringing more value to the mode started first and foremost with increasing the earnable currency. Even better, the highest gem color available through the first two post-launch seasons is Diamond – meaning that we won’t be getting bodied by Pink Diamond sweats in week one, or several weeks, for that matter.

Next up (and I hope you’re sitting down for this one), the Auction House has been replaced by the Player Market, which allows most player cards to be earned at reasonable MTP prices. The exceptions will be cards awarded for seasonal progress, mode-based, and other reward cards, which is understandable. Hopefully, the days of seeing your favorite player cards selling for millions on the Auction House are long gone, as 2K also realized this was far from a fair system, especially for more casual players. 2K is even increasing quick-sell values for all cards, with a Ruby Patrick Ewing going for 25,000 MTP at launch – a staggering amount for a Ruby.

The final major change is the addition of Salary Cap, a new multiplayer mode that will be split into three, two-week long rounds each season. Each round includes a new salary limit for player cards, earnable rewards, and fresh leaderboards. The salary cap limit is the same for each round, but player salaries will adjust each week, meaning players will have to try new lineup combinations and be smart with their money.

As always, there is a lot more to read up on in the new Courtside Report, or you can check out a new MyTEAM trailer for a quick rundown: