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Maximum Football delayed out of 2023

by: Jason -
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It pains me to type these words folks, but Modus Games announced today that its free-to-play football sim Maximum Football has been further delayed, this time out of 2023 altogether. The team says the game will now come to Steam Early Access in 2024 and are also planning a beta to take place before release.

Of course, the delay means that console versions are also further delayed for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Another delay is unfortunate, but I’ve been keeping up with the game’s progress on social media and the good news is that things are looking great so far. What Modus is cooking looks wonderful – it just needs a bit longer in the oven. The Maximum Football team added in a statement that fans can expect updates less frequently while they put their helmets down to crank out the beta in the best possible shape: