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Modern Warfare 3 details open missions, beta schedule, and what's next

by: Jason -
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During a recent reveal, we learned a lot about what is new and changing when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 10th. One of those changes is Open Combat Missions for the single-player campaign. Today, over at the Call of Duty blog, developer Sledgehammer Games did a deep dive on just what exactly they are.

For starters, the campaign will still have fixed objectives for you to accomplish, but now you have freedom to approach them however you choose. Go in with silenced weapons and try to stay undetected or throw caution to the wind and start blasting. Furthermore, if you need to get to the lower levels of Gora Dam, for example, you can choose to either parachute down or mantle balconies the whole way down. Exploring the mission maps will unlock new opportunities, paths, and even equipment to help you accomplish objectives.

Sledgehammer also announced the beta schedule for Modern Warfare 3 this week. The first weekend will take place October 6th through 10th and will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms, with a second weekend scheduled for October 12th through 16th for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

As far as when to expect more reveals, a Call of Duty: Next event will take place on October 5th to set the stage for the beta period. And finally, at Gamescom Opening Night Live this week we got to see a (trailer guy voice) world premier of gameplay footage from the single-player campaign – check it out: