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Firewall Ultra reveals PvE co-op mode ahead of launch

by: Jason -
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We are just around the corner from tactical shooter Firewall Ultra’s launch on PlayStation VR2; the new game from First Contact Entertainment is dropping on August 24th, and we have fresh details on the new PvE co-op mode called Exfil.

Exfil supports both solo play and co-op for up to four players, as well as private lobbies or public matchmaking. The objective in Exfil is to hack an access point, hack three laptops randomly spawned across the map, and then exfiltrate to earn rewards. Enemies are highly capable and well prepared in Exfil – they’ll lay traps for you, breach doors, and use cover to outmaneuver and outflank you.

Head over to a new PlayStation Blog post for even more intel and some snippets of Exfil gameplay. A couple of the Gaming Nexus crew are jumping into Firewall Ultra when it launches next week and we look forward to seeing you out there – just look for the guy making shadow puppets with his flashlight.