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VR military shooter Crossfire: Sierra Squad launching August 29th for PS VR2 and PCVR

by: Jason -
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Today, Smilegate Entertainment announced that arcade-style military shooter Crossfire: Sierra Squad will launch for PlayStation VR2 and PCVR rigs via Steam on August 29th. It is a single-player and co-op focused experience featuring 13 single-player missions, 50 squad missions that can be played solo or with a partner, as well as a horde mode for up to four-players. You’ll have a large arsenal of weapons to choose from – 39 in total – including pistols, rifles, and explosives to take down 17 enemy variants across missions. On PS VR2, Crossfire: Sierra Squad will take advantage of platform-specific bells and whistles like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers with finger detection, and 3D audio.

I’ve had my virtual reality eyes on Crossfire: Sierra Squad for a while. I originally projected a July release (so close!), but August will certainly do. The only thing that gives me pause is how the movement will feel in-game. PS VR2 shooters with free movement haven’t been kind to me thus far, but I know that is something I am going to have to work through, or risk missing out on some awesome games.