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The 7th Guest VR is a reimagining of the classic PC mystery game launching later this year

by: Jason -
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Publisher Vertigo Games and co-developers Vertigo Studios Rotterdam and Exkee announced the revival of legendary 90s PC mystery adventure game The 7th Guest this week at the Meta Showcase. Like the game, not all is as it seems however, as Vertigo is remaking it from the ground-up for virtual reality, and it’s releasing this year on Quest 2, the newly announced Quest 3, PCVR, and PlayStation VR2. It should be noted that a PS VR2 has not been outright confirmed by Vertigo games, save for the splash screen at the end of the trailer in this tweet.

This VR re-imagining will retain the original game’s live-action FMV sequences, but also features cutting-edge volumetric video capture for ghostly performances. The original story has been preserved as well only with new bells & whistles that take advantage of modern VR hardware, including re-worked and newly added puzzles. The 7th Guest mansion has also been rebuilt with high-end visuals and optical illusions only possible in VR.

I don’t normally do scary games, but this looks more along the lines of a delightfully creepy VR ghost story, and I am here for it. Check out the reveal trailer below: