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Gorgeous voxel-style railroad sim Station to Station announced

by: Jason -
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Dutch developer Galaxy Grove has announced cozy minimalist railroad sim Station to Station, slated for launch on PC later this year. It appears that the chill train game may come to consoles too, as it’s listed as “TBC” (to be confirmed) for other platforms on the fact sheet shared with us by publisher Prismatika. I so very badly hope that it does jump tracks because it looks wonderful.

Station to Station features a peaceful railway building sim in a beautiful voxel art world. The world starts out small with only a few small structures, but as you build train stations and establish connections between them the world begins to grow and become more vibrant. If you find things to be a little too cozy, you can put your planning skills to the test with optional challenges in each level that let you chase high scores.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Station to Station and Galaxy Grove as we roll though 2023, because it feels like I’ve now got a train to catch.