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Medieval fantasy life sim RPG Mirthwood announced for PC

by: Jason -
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We seem to be living in a golden age of life sim RPGs as the genre has exploded in recent years, with plenty more on the way. It can be tough to stand out in the space, but today, developer Bad Ridge Games and V Publishing announced a new project that has caught my eye. Mirthwood is a new medieval fantasy life sim RPG inspired by legendary titles such as Fable, Stardew Valley, and Rimworld that is currently scheduled to launch on PC in early 2024. Of course, those are some big shoes to fill, but Mirthwood has the juice so far.

In Mirthwood, players create their own adventurer and guide them through whatever kind of life they want to lead. The game features an entirely open world with non-linear progression that leaves things largely up to the player to shape. Build a homestead, grow a farm, take on quests from NPCs, build relationships, or craft weapons and go exploring – it’s up to you.

This looks great so far, and now all I can do is sit and hope that it comes to more than just PC next year.