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Warlander brings free-to-play medieval warfare to PlayStation and Xbox today

by: Jason -
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Today, publisher PLAION has brought its free-to-play, team-based medieval warfare game Warlander to PlayStation and Xbox systems. It launched earlier this year on PC and will feature cross-platform play for up to 100 players between platforms.

Warlander is a third-person mashup of the multiplayer hack-and-slash and MOBA genres, with players fighting as one of several classes, including knights, wizards, and more. Balance offense and defense with your team as you battle to control choke points and capture spawn towers across large scale maps. The game features multiple modes that accommodate between 40 to 100 players split into a combination of two to five armies. As a free-to-play game, of course there are dozens of cosmetics and customization options to personalize your warriors and cater to your fighting style.

Looks neat! I’ve got it downloaded to the PS5 and ready for a trial run tonight, and I'm hoping to pull in some friends to join the fray. Check out the new console launch trailer below: