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Enjoy an early look at LEGO 2K Drive gameplay

by: Jason -
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On Friday, publisher 2K made its upcoming open-world LEGO racing game LEGO 2K Drive available to media ahead of the game's launch on May 19th. I am currently reviewing the racer and this morning I dove (drove?) in for the very first time. Of course, I am not ready to render any sort of official verdict, but with that said, I am having a great time early on. I'm most impressed with how deep the vehicle customization and building is - people are going to create some seriously impressive LEGO rides in this game.

So, I don't have a review for you yet, but what I do have is around one hour of raw, uncut gameplay for you, captured directly from PlayStation 5. My apologies for precisely none of my voice capture working in the video, but you might not have wanted to listen to me anyway! Hope you enjoy the video, and be on the lookout for our full review in the coming days right here at Gaming Nexus.