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Deck-building multiplayer FPS Friends vs Friends launches May 30th

by: Jason -
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Developer Brainwash Gang (great name) and publisher Raw Fury announced today that deck-building FPS multiplayer game Friends vs Friends is launching May 30th on Steam, with a console release to follow later this year. It will cost you a mere $9.99, but there will also be a launch window discount of 40%.

Friends vs Friends is an online, fast-paced multiplayer combat game where players battle each other in 1v1 and 2v2 gunfights. So where does deck building come into play? All of your powers, weapons, and debuffs are activated by playing a card form your deck and there are a wide variety of cards and strategies to employ. You can throw down a friendly turret, heal yourself with vampire bullets, or give your opponent an oversized head for an easier headshot. As you level up you will earn new cards and also rank up the ones you have, in addition to unlocking new characters and skills.

It looks like a different take on Call of Duty’s Gunfight multiplayer mode, which is a personal favorite of mine, so I’ll definitely be checking this out once it comes to consoles. Check out a new trailer below: