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MMO action RPG Chrono Odyssey looks stunning in gameplay reveal

by: Jason -
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Thanks to the power of the current generation of hardware, as well as Unreal Engine 5, we are seeing no shortage of incredible looking game reveals these days. Today, we can add another such game to the list with the reveal of MMO action RPG Chrono Odyssey from South Korean developer Npixel. Originally announced in 2020 for PC, consoles, iOS, and Android, Npixel has now confirmed it will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S only. I can certainly see why. In fact, I will pause a moment while you watch this amazing gameplay trailer:

Chrono Odyssey features a dynamically changing world including changing weather and environments with each season, as well as action-packed gameplay and time manipulation mechanics that allow players to explore alternate timelines and solutions to encounters. The game will launch with six character classes that each play differently – Swordsman, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Berserker, and Assassin.

I’m not even an MMO player but I must admit this has blown me away. Let’s just hope that the game keeps looking great and – most importantly – that it sticks the landing.