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Title update 2.0 tees off in EA Sports PGA Tour, delivers fixes and three-click swinging

by: Jason -
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EA Sports PGA Tour has been on the market for nearly two weeks now but there have been a few glaring issues and changes that fans have been clamoring for online. The development team has been listening, and today they’ve pushed out patch 2.0 which brings with it a number of updates, including the addition of three-click swinging (a golf sim staple for years), improvements to putting meters and green grids, as well as camera fixes, among other changes. You can read the full list of patch notes right here, if you’d like.

A couple of friends have been playing since launch and I know they have been frustrated with the putting, in particular, though they admittedly are enjoying the game quite a bit. As for us here at Gaming Nexus, we do have someone teed off on a full review of the game; it should be coming down the fairway any day now, so please look fore-ward to that. Okay, I’ll see myself to the clubhouse.