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VR adventure puzzler Another Fisherman’s Tale launches May 11th

by: Jason -
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Developer Innerspace VR and publisher Vertigo Games announced today that VR adventure puzzle game Another Fisherman’s Tale will launch on May 11th for PS VR2, Meta Quest 2, and all PC VR platforms. Innerspace VR also shared a four-minute look at gameplay from an early level that does a good job of demoing just what the game is.

For the sequel, the studio has focused on making the player’s body the crux of the puzzles. You’ll detach limbs, hands, and even your head (in a totally non-violent, cute sort of way) and control them remotely to solve puzzles. You can toss your head to another vantage point to get a better view of how to solve a puzzle, for instance. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can also replace your limbs with various objects to give you necessary skills. Pirate hook hands are great for climbing up walls, as you might imagine.

This looks like a fun one to keep an eye, or an arm, or even your whole head on as it prepares to launch.