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Tactical PS VR2 shooter Firewall Ultra shares hands-on impressions

by: Jason -
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PlayStation VR2 might be getting its first bit of system-selling software before the year is out in the form of tactical shooter Firewall Ultra. Recently, developer First Contact Entertainment let a few press outlets go hands-on with the game, and by all accounts, it made a very positive first impression.

The PlayStation Blog shared new gameplay details from their time with the game, and even though Firewall Ultra is my most anticipated PS VR2 title, it just keeps sounding better and better. I’ve gone on and on about the ability to change weapons with your eyeballs, thanks to PS VR2’s eye tracking technology, but we also learned that you’ll be able to do things like cover your eyes with your hands to avoid the effects of a flashbang, or use your off hand to cover the flashlight on your weapon to avoid enemy detection – perfection.

On a more basic level, Firewall Ultra is making the move to dedicated multiplayer servers, rather than peer-to-peer, and PvP matches now play out in a best of three rounds. Both should alleviate two of the major complaints I’ve seen online about Firewall Zero Hour: long match queue times and short matches. The developer is also promising robust post-launch support similar to that of the first game – the aforementioned Firewall Zero Hour.

All we have for now is a confirmed 2023 release window, but I suspect that will be changing soon, likely at the rumored PlayStation Showcase that is allegedly taking place prior to Summer Game Fest.