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Closed beta and early access for online action RPG Wayfinder delayed slightly to Summer 2023

by: Jason -
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Just before lunch today, my Discord app pinged me with a notification from the Wayfinder team – and now I’m here to ping you as well with news of a delay for the online action RPG. Yes, developer Airship Syndicate has delayed the global closed beta for Wayfinder, with the test moving from April to May 10th. Consequently, this means that the game’s Early Access release is likewise delayed after Airship Syndicate previously announced that it would hit Early Access in May. It will now arrive sometime this summer.

In a post on the game’s website, the studio stated they want to take a bit more time to polish the game and add new features requested by the community following earlier playtests. The delay is a massive bummer, but it’s completely understandable, especially with first impressions carrying so much weight for live-service titles. I was fortunate to be able to participate in one of the early playtests and I came away really impressed by the experience. I can’t wait to jump into Early Access when Wayfinder is ready, but we’ll all be waiting a tad longer now.