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Brutal gladiator fighting game GORN now available on PS VR2, wants you to be entertained

by: Jason -
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Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Free Lives have brought their gladiator fighting title GORN to the PlayStation VR2. It is a free upgrade for owners of the PSVR version, or a mere $19.99 for us peasants. GORN lets you live out that gladiator fantasy you might be suppressing deep inside, but this isn't Russell Crowe's Gladiator. No, this game is far more brutal in a sort of hilarious way, if you know what I mean (I'm fine, thanks for wondering). You'll use a variety of weapons including swords, nunchucks, two-handed hammers, and even your bare hands to maul and maim your opponents to death.

Free Lives is also the team behind outrageous co-op shooter Broforce, and GORN seems ruthlessly funny in a very similar way. Check out a new PS VR2 launch trailer below and see for yourself: