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Journey through life as a turnip in Minabo – A Walk Through Life, launching April 28th

by: Jason -
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Publisher SelectaPlay and developer DevilishGames announced that their rather unique social simulation game Minabo – A Walk Through Life will launch on April 28th for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam. It is available now for wishlisting on your platform of choice and will also enjoy a 10% launch-week discount.

Minabo sees players embark on an entire life journey as a cute turnip (yes, the vegetable) where they will build relationships and make tough decisions along the way. Will you decide to settle down with a nice turnip companion and have little turnip babies? Or will you stay single and focus on being a caregiver to your elderly turnip parents instead?

DevilishGames says the experience will be appropriate for players of all ages and features 25 quests inspired by psychologist counselors who collaborated on development of the game. You’ll be able to replay the game in quick playthroughs to try different paths and see how life unfolds differently.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise of a game. Check out the adorable launch announcement trailer below: