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MultiVersus announces closing of open beta to prepare for full launch in 2024

by: Jason -
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In a rather strange move, developer Player First Games announced today that their free-to-play Warner Bros. character platform fighter MultiVersus will have its open beta shutdown on June 25th, which they say is to prepare for the game’s full launch in early 2024. Studio co-founder Tony Huynh shared the news today in a video posted on the game’s Twitter, adding that MultiVersus will include new content, features, and game modes when it returns.

Oddly, despite the game being characterized as an “open beta” since July 26th of last year, it has been selling Founder’s Packs and premium currency called Gleamium the entire time. Some disgruntled players pointed out in replies that they have spent hundreds of dollars on the title since it entered open beta, and rightly want to know what will happen to their purchases. Player First Games has since updated their FAQ page to state that players will retain all of their purchased items when the game returns next year.

However, MultiVersus is being de-listed from digital storefronts on April 4th, with online functionality ceasing on June 25th. At which point the game will only be playable via local matches and the training mode, which makes this shutdown even more conspicuous, especially considering that the open beta has been receiving seasonal content and battle passes. In fact, Player First also revealed that the Season 2 Battle Pass will be extended through June 25th after it was planned to conclude on March 31st.

While it doesn’t appear that players will ultimately be losing any of their paid-for content, it certainly won’t sit well knowing that you spent your hard earned money on a game that is essentially going to be non-functioning for an indefinite period of time. MultiVersus appears to have fallen on rough times since releasing in open beta last year, with player counts on Steam having nosedived nearly 100% since July of 2022. Yikes.