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Tactical strategy shooter Aliens: Dark Descent launching June 20th

by: Jason -
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The Aliens IP has proven to be one of the more flexible film-based properties to make the jump to our beloved video game world, spanning a variety of genres from survival horror to co-op third-person shooter, and now tactical strategy. Today, developer Tindalos Interactive announced that Aliens: Dark Descent will launch on June 20th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. We also got our first brief look at gameplay in a new trailer.

In this squad-based action game, you’ll command a squad of Colonial Marines and investigate a mysterious Xenomorph outbreak. It features a cinematic narrative campaign and gameplay built for both mouse & keyboard, as well as controller. You’ll recruit and manage your hand-picked squad, with combining the right weapons and abilities being a major key to surviving. Choose wisely though, because Dark Descent features character permadeath and any marines you lose will be gone forever.

I need to understand more about the difficulty the game presents, but I am keeping a close eye on this one for sure.