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City-builder Anno 1800 out now, is the first mainline Anno game on consoles in 25 years

by: Jason -
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Ubisoft's Industrial Revolution era city-builder Anno 1800 is available now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, marking the first time in 25 years that a mainline entry in the Anno series has released on home consoles.

Anno 1800 lets players construct metropolises, set up profitable logistical networks, colonize a new continent, and charter expeditions to the corners of the globe (even though the Earth isn’t flat!). You’ll also engage with other rival colonies while trying to dominate them diplomatically, commercially, and militarily.

The console edition of Anno 1800 features a number of changes and improvements, most notably a completely redesigned user interface fit for a controller. Early adopters on console will also be treated to the Imperial and Console Founder DLC packs.

I can’t even begin to calculate how many hours I’ve lost to city-builders over the years, as it’s one of my favorite genres – even on console. If you’re curious about the genre, or Anno 1800 in general, you’re in luck, as Ubisoft has made the game free to try on all platforms from now until March 23rd. You can also look for my full review in the coming weeks right here at Gaming Nexus!