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Get your first sand-blasted look at gameplay for co-op action RPG Atlas Fallen

by: Jason -
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Developer Deck13 Interactive has revealed the first look at gameplay today for upcoming co-op action RPG Atlas Fallen. It is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on May 16th, with pre-orders now open on all platforms.

As you can see from the new gameplay trailer, you’ll be fighting powerful creatures across desert landscapes, utilizing sand-powered, shape-shifting weapons to take them down. Atlas Fallen features a semi-open world with ancient ruins and other mysteries to explore to uncover the secrets of a fallen society.

If you’re already convinced this is for you, and like collecting rare editions of games, publisher Focus Entertainment is selling a mere 100 copies of a Signature Edition of Atlas Fallen, which includes a numbered wooden frame print, a copy of the game, and the “Ruin Rising Pack” DLC.

What do you think? It looks cool so far, but I need to see some of that raw gameplay footage that is no doubt coming in the weeks ahead. Deck13 is also the creator of The Surge, an interesting take on the Soulsbourne style with a unique twist on how you acquire loot, so that has me intrigued as well.