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Prepare for the in-car gaming movement: AirConsole announces major push into cars-as-a-console

by: Jason -
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If you’ve been paying attention in recent months, you might have heard that playing video games in your car is going to be a practical thing in the near future. Companies like Tesla, Honda, and Sony are making big pushes into the so-called “in-car gaming” segment of the industry, or “cars-as-a-console” as I have affectionately dubbed it.

Today, Swiss start-up company AirConsole has announced their own major push into in-car gaming with the appointment of a new Game Advisory Board that features some industry heavyweights. The board will be led by Kim Nordstrom, the former Chief Strategy Officer at Paradox Interactive and also the former Studio General Manager & Vice President at Candy Crush Saga creator King. Nordstrom is joined by former Hasbro Vice President of Global Digital Business Development, Michael Fuller, as well as Ignacio Monereo, a partner at venture capital firm Boost Capital Partners. Those first two especially (no offense to Ignacio) are some big timers.

More than 15 million people have played games on AirConsole, a smartphone-controlled technology that allows players to play games on smart TVs using their cell phones as controllers. They’ve started their move into in-car gaming off with a bang, having already inked a partnership with automotive manufacturer BMW to bring video gaming to the open road.

I don’t know about you, but I need to get comfortable with cars driving themselves, first and foremost, before I ever start thinking about playing games in them! The future comes at you fast, however, so I guess I better…buckle up.