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Social deception survival horror game Deceit 2 debuts new trailer

by: Jason -
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Developer World Makers has shown off the first snippets of gameplay for its social deception multiplayer survival horror game Deceit 2 in a new teaser trailer. The game is currently in development on Unreal Engine 5 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but no release date has been announced.

In Deceit 2, players must work together to identify infected players and trigger a banishing ritual, while also trying to escape. You’ll want to make sure you have chosen correctly though, as eliminating a non-infected player reduces your allies, and consequently, your chances of survival. Meanwhile, infected players will try to deceive the rest of the group while working to summon the “In-Between”, a parallel dimension which warps other players’ reality and makes it harder for them to escape.

It sounds pretty intense, and the fact it is on UE5 is a bonus as well. World Makers says Deceit 2 will feature high-resolution textures and a new lighting engine that will make you truly afraid of the dark. They don’t have to try too hard with me!