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PS VR2 shooter Firewall Ultra is one of the first Unreal Engine 5 VR titles

by: Jason -
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As part of a larger Q&A session with Epic Games, developer First Contact Entertainment revealed that their upcoming PlayStation VR2 exclusive shooter Firewall Ultra is being made on Unreal Engine 5 – one of the first VR games to do so. That might explain why the small snippets we’ve seen thus far are looking so good. The studio says they will reveal a more in-depth look at gameplay in the near future, but the feature list on Ultra already has it sounding quite good:

  • Unreal Engine 5 development making it one of the first UE5 VR games,
  • Deferred rendering technique,
  • Detailed, real-time lighting (wait until you try out the flashlights!!!),
  • Extensive use of eye-tracking to enhance gameplay,
  • Foveated rendering to enhance visual clarity,
  • Brand-new concept for ADS (aim down sights) mechanics,
  • Adaptive triggers, immersive haptics, and finger detection,
  • 4K HDR visuals and 3D sound,
  • Stable 60fps

First Contact recently confirmed that Firewall Ultra will be releasing later this year on PS VR2, and if you are not aware, I am very excited to switch guns with my eyes.