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Alien survival horror game Greyhill Incident is coming to abduct you on June 9th

by: Jason -
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Developer REFUGIUM GAMES and publisher Perp Games have announced that alien survival horror game Greyhill Incident is launching June 9th for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. It can be wishlisted now on the PlayStation Store, and beyond the standard digital edition, a physical Abducted Edition will also be available at launch. It will include special goodies such as a manual on how to make your own protective tin foil hat, which is brilliant.

Greyhill Incident is a narrative-driven game inspired by literature, television, and film such as “Fire in the Sky”, “The X-Files”, and “Communion”. It’s certainly a unique take on survival horror that quite frankly I can’t believe we don’t see more of. Check out a brand-new trailer: