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Tactical team-based shooter Firewall Ultra confirms 2023 release on PlayStation VR2

by: Jason -
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Developer First Contact Entertainment confirmed today that tactical team-based shooter Firewall Ultra is launching exclusively on PlayStation VR2 later this year, and it can now be wishlisted on the PlayStation Store. They also revealed new key art and a brand-new contractor known as Havoc, whose bio sounds appropriate:

"Havoc joins the fray in Firewall Ultra as a brand-new Contractor. With a background as a decorated former elite military operative, he is well-trained, well-conditioned, and well-equipped to get the job done—despite his cocky attitude. He was kicked out of the program after a big disagreement with a superior and is now looking to make a name for himself in the world of private contracting.

In Firewall Ultra, his Conditioned skill increases his resistance to bullet damage and deploys a mine once he’s eliminated from battle."

Firewall Ultra was announced last year and is a sequel of sorts to the original PSVR’s Firewall Zero Hour. Ultra is set five years after the original and will include locations and contractors from Zero Hour, as well as new additions such as the aforementioned Havoc. It will also feature a number of bells & whistles for Sony’s next-gen headset including 4K HDR visuals, finger touch detection, eye tracking for weapon swapping (!), and support for the Sense controllers’ haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Check out the game’s reveal trailer below for a brief glimpse at some of these features in action:

Several of us here at Gaming Nexus are keen to get our hands on this one, and speaking just for myself – this is one my most anticipated PS VR2 titles. So how long before we can (quite literally) get our hands on Firewall Ultra? I’ve previously predicted an October release window, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.