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New cinematic WILD HEARTS trailer shows off the dangers of the Kemono

by: Eric -

Monster Hunting is one of my favorite genres, and I'm always excited to try out games that allow me to tackle exciting new beasts. But what if the monsters I'm expected to fight are as big as mountains? The new WILD HEARTS trailer shows off just how gigantic and dangerous the game's monsters - known as Kemono - really are. But it also makes it clear just how many awesome weapons and gadgets the player has at their disposal to take these beasts down.

We did a preview of an early build of WILD HEARTS, but some of the Kemono that appear in this trailer look to be hundreds of times bigger than anything we faced. With a focus on such creative monsters - and allowing for a great deal of creativity from the players hunting them - WILD HEARTS looks like it is going to blow the roof off of the Monster Hunter genre when it releases new week (Februrary 17) on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.