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Restaurant Builder coming to PC later this year

by: Jason -
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Simulation specialists FreeMind have announced Restaurant Builder, their next game in a string of other titles based on hobbies and occupations. It is planned for release sometime later this year on Steam, and today they’ve shared a new announcement trailer for the game:

In Restaurant Builder, players equip themselves with a variety of tools such as pressure washers, jackhammers, and paint sprayers to build the restaurant of their dreams. Get destructive and perform demolition on your restaurant, re-build it, paint it, and decorate it as you see fit. Once you're open, hire staff and attract customers to earn as much cash as possible and re-invest it in your eatery. If you feel like you’ve done enough, sell up and purchase a brand new project.

FreeMind are also the developers of other sims such as House Builder, Restaurant Renovator, and Forest Ranger Simulator. There really is a simulator for almost anything, isn't there?