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Shadow Warrior 3 gets definitive treatment

by: Joseph -
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Shadow Warrior 3 is an insane first person slasher/shooter with a quipping hero named Lo Wang taking on hordes of different beasts and monsters. Sometimes you can slice them up with your katana. Sometimes you can shoot them with one of your special weapons. And sometime you can walk up to them, and perform a fatality-esq special kill, that will give you their powers. Larger than life bosses, hilarious banter, and off the wall weapons and arena kills are in this Devolver Digital blood fest, on the back of a story about restoring a previous foe/friend to his former demonic glory. It's a LOT, and I gave it an 8.5 in my review, because though it was hard, I was thoroughly entertained. 

Now, because you need more chaos, Shadow Warrior 3 is getting that good next gen upgrade treatment. Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition will be released on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC on February 16th, and if you already have a copy, you get the upgrade for the free free. 

New modes include Survival Mode, which opens three battle arenas, and plenty of foul beasts for you to carve through. Enduring this will net you 3 weapon skins. Also added is a chapter select mode, so you can go back and get any missing upgrades. There's even New Game+, a hardcore difficulty, and a limited respawn mode called "Hero Mode".

Other enhancements include haptics and controller speaker support for the PS5, and your choice. 60fps mode, or 4k/30 fps, for you cinematic freaks out there. Check out the video below, and pull Wang back out on February 16th. Devolver would appreciate that last line.