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Wanted: Dead shows off more brutal combat in new video

by: Jason -
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Wanted: Dead is a third-person shooter-slasher that calls back to that wonderful era of PS2 and Xbox action games, as it reminds me of titles like True Crime and Dead to Rights, only far more brutal. Brutality appears to be a calling card of Wanted: Dead, and today Japanese developer Soleil has shared a “Combat Explained” video which offers a new look at the game’s fast-paced, violent delights.

The combat of Wanted: Dead has been inspired by that of the Ninja Gaiden series, as the development team includes talent who formerly worked on that series, as well as the Bayonetta and Devil May Cry franchises. As such, Soleil warns that Wanted: Dead boasts a significant challenge which requires players to stay on the move while blending a variety of weapons, takedowns, and abilities.

This looks like the closest we’ve gotten thus far to a full-blown John Wick action experience, but I am wary of the potential challenge as my shooter game skills have diminished over the years. Even so, Wanted: Dead might be too nostalgic (and too good) to pass up.