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SEASON: A letter to the future shares new story trailer ahead of launch

by: Jason -
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Mysterious exploration game SEASON: A letter to the future has granted us a new look at the game’s story ahead of its launch on January 31st thanks to a new trailer. It serves as an introduction to a few of the characters players will interact with during their journey including a widow and her son, an artist, and a reclusive monk.

SEASON follows a young woman who is exploring the world and collecting memories before an impending cataclysmic event occurs at the end of the current season. Exploring, observing, and documenting the people, places, and things you discover are at the core of the game, with players documenting what they discover in the world by using a variety of instruments such as a camera or audio recorder. Record people’s voices, take pictures of buildings or art, and then scrapbook it all in your journal to unravel mysteries while preserving the sights and sounds for a future generation.

I was able to play the limited-time demo on PS5 that was available around The Game Awards and I have to say, what I played was quite intriguing. The demo took place somewhere in the middle of the game, so I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but it left me wanting more. For whatever reason, I’ve been digging these existential games lately (I'm okay, I promise) like Sky: Children of the Light, GRIS, and now SEASON is scratching that itch as well.

SEASON: A letter to the future will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC when it releases on January 31st. PlayStation Plus members can enjoy a 10% pre-order discount now until the game launches. Be sure to check out that brand-new story trailer before you go: