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World War Z gets free next-gen update

by: Rob -
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Celebrating 20 million players across all platforms, World War Z is adding a new mode alone with a proper update for the next-gen consoles. Horde Mode XL promises to bring more zombies on-screen than ever before. Basically it's very similar to the existing Horde Mode, but every once in a while a wave of over 1,000 zombies come flying at you. Impressive, especially considering WWZ already packs in a crazy number of the undead sprinting in from all angles. Horde Mode XL is locked to the Aftermath expansion. So you need the base game and expansion to play. 

The mode coincides with both the next-gen release on PS5 and Xbox X|S on January 24th. Not to be left totally behind PS4 and Xbox One will also see a bump in the update to 4K and 60 FPS. The update will also bring new weapons and an improved weapon progression system.