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Pool Cleaning Simulator lets you bring swimming pools back to life in 2023

by: Jason -
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In the latest round of “there’s a simulator for everything”, Pool Cleaning Simulator has been announced by developer Rubens Games and publisher FreeMind. It is scheduled for a 2023 release on PC via Steam.

Prepare to clean some of the most disgusting swimming pools you’ve ever seen, including luxury pools, municipal pools, and even hot tubs. Dirt and grime are not your only foes in Pool Cleaning Simulator, as you’ll also be removing various creatures who turned trash into treasure. Watch out for those gators! Completing jobs improves your reputation and unlocks better cleaning equipment, which opens up more flexibility in how you choose to complete jobs.

Check out the announcement trailer below. I'm totally in to being a digital pool boy, but seriously, who lets their pool get like this? That’s video game job security, I guess.