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VR developer Resolution Games reveals updates on several projects

by: Jason -
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Developer Resolution Games, the creators of virtual reality tabletop RPG Demeo held their first ever digital games showcase today, where they offered updates and announcements on several upcoming VR projects.

For starters, their mixed reality first-person shooter Spatial Ops hit open beta on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It features close quarters combat for up for eight players, utilizing pass-through VR technology to turn your own space into a small-scale multiplayer shooter map. It’s quite neat, but I admit to wondering who just happens to have a small warehouse space available to do this in. It’s possible I’m missing some additional facts here, but definitely have a look for yourself:

Two other big announcements included the reveals of a VR tennis-style multiplayer game called Racket Club. It looks very cool, and is my personal favorite announcement from the show. It sounds like it is planned for a release in 2023, hopefully on PlayStation VR2. The other big announcement was that of Demeo Battles, a PvP version of the tabletop RPG that is scheduled to release sometime in 2023. Whereas in the standard Demeo experience you team up with your friends to dungeon crawl, now you can face-off against them (or anyone) in turn-based tactical combat.

The showcase also included announcements of the Demeo “Reign of Madness” update going live on PC and VR, the first update to VR fishing game Bait! Fishin’ Buddies since 2016 which added multiplayer, and the reveal that cyberpunk 1v1 dueling title Blaston has gone free-to-play.

You can check out the showcase in its entirety below: