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Wayfinder is a free-to-play co-op action RPG coming to PlayStation and PC in 2023

by: Jason -
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Free-to-play cooperative action RPG Wayfinder was announced by developer Airship Syndicate, who has partnered with Warframe developer Digital Extremes to bring the title to PlayStation and PC in 2023. It will come first to PC in early access in the Spring, followed by a release on PlayStation in late 2023. But if you can’t wait, there will be a PC-only play test starting December 13th, which you can sign up for on the game’s website.

In Wayfinder, players explore dungeon-like areas called Lost Zones, where you will battle enemies and bosses to earn resources and loot. Complete quests, collect items, and team-up with other players to take part in world boss fights and other world events. And of course, it wouldn’t be a loot-based RPG without tons of customization options, with every character class and weapon able to be modified to fit your playstyle, or the needs of your team. Wayfinder will also feature cross play and cross save capabilities, as well as a social hub where players can party up to take on challenging content, or even purchase housing.

This was one of my favorite reveals at The Game Awards. It would be nice if the early access period came to PS5 as well, since we have precedent for that now with titles like Arcadegeddon, but I’ll be there regardless. You can learn and see more in a new post on the PlayStation Blog, or check out a reveal trailer below: