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Ubisoft is doing that awesome Ubisoft expansion thing with Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds

by: Eric -
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With most companies that sell $100 "Game of the Year Editions" for their games, I just kinda snort and scoff. I'm not going to pay 30 or 40 more dollars for a game, only to receive a few extra skins and maybe a vehicle or weapon. That is not the case with Ubisoft games. With Ubisoft, buying an Ultimate Edition means that you are going to be receiving some killer DLC and expansions, and they will just keep coming, long after you thought they would stop.

That's the case with Far Cry 6. After playing through all three of the game's villain-based DLCs (which were absolutely awesome), I kinda thought that the DLC for Far Cry 6 was done. Nothing has been announced for a while, and so I figured that Ubisoft was just going to wrap it up and move on. Well, that shows what I know, because Ubisoft today announced a new expansion for Far Cry 6, and it looks like a doozy.

In Lost Between Worlds, Far Cry 6 hero Dani Rojas will find herself (my Dani is a woman, so I'm going with "she") transported to a weird interdimensional rift, accompanied by a bodiless space entity named "Fai". Dani will need to visit different versions of Yara - the tropical nation she calls home - to pick up parts to repair Fai's broken ship. 

As usual, Ubisoft is using the expansion/DLC space to explore some of its wilder ideas. Dani is going to face down 15 trials, known as "Rifts". It seems as though this expansion will use some of the same roguelike mechanics as the villain DLC, as Dani will be improving and upgrading herself with each "run". When she makes it through the expansion, she will be able to take her newfound space goodies back into the main game to wreck shop. Fun!

Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds will be available on December 6 for $19.99, or as part of the Upgrade Pass (you can also play as a member of Ubisoft+ on PC or Luna). Folks that are interesting in trying the game out can do so as part of a free trial starting today on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. And if you want to keep going after that, all editions of the game will be on sale for up to 67% off. So, you know, grab your own Game of the Year edition so you can hop into this lunacy when it drops next week.