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Vampire Survivors gets first post-launch update on Thanksgiving

by: Jason -
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Vampire Survivors seems to have taken over the gaming world recently, or at the very least, it has taken over the Gaming Nexus Slack chat. The simple, yet addictive game burst onto the scene after launching its 1.0 version and hitting Xbox Game Pass earlier this year.

Now, the game is getting its first post-launch update on Thanksgiving Day for both Steam and Xbox. The new update will add a new stage, a new character, new achievements, and a new PowerUp.

The new stage, called “Tiny Bridge”, sees two factions battling atop a bridge with the heroes caught in the middle of the fighting. Meanwhile, the new character is named Scorej-Oni and gets a hidden Lightning Ring every eight levels. The new item is the “Seal PowerUp”, which allows the player to Banish an item from level-up choices, or a pickup from light sources.

I’m one of the few at the website who hasn’t been bitten by the Vampire Survivors bug yet, but if it ever comes to PlayStation…never say never. Full patch notes will be live tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can check out a small update teaser below: