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Dodge’em up roguelike game Swordship wants to channel the spirit of high-speed movie chases

by: Jason -
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In a new developer diary video, indie team Digital Kingdom shared that its main inspiration for upcoming dodge’em up roguelike game Swordship were fast-paced chase scenes from blockbuster film franchises such as Fast & Furious and James Bond. Digital Kingdom puts a unique twist on the idea by not including any offensive weapons, and instead requires players to manipulate enemy attack patterns and use abilities to dodge and weave, turning enemies’ attacks against them.

The studio also opted for a reversed camera angle that doesn’t allow players to see ahead of them, as to maintain that constant feeling of being chased. It’s an interesting twist on the genre, and it looks like a cool mix of bullet-hell and twin-stick shooter - I think I'm in. Have a look at the developer video below, but be warned that unless you speak French, it requires some light reading. Tu sais que je ne parle pas français!