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Battlefield 2042 highlights new seasonal battle pass, releasing tomorrow on PC and consoles

by: Jason -
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One thing Battlefield developer DICE has always been great at is producing top-tier trailers for the franchise, and today’s new season three battle pass highlight reel for Battlefield 2042 is no exception. The third season, titled “Escalation”, comes out November 22nd (as in tomorrow) on consoles and PC, and along with it comes a slew of unlockable cosmetics, weapons, and equipment.

Battle pass owners will gain access to 100 tiers of weapon, vehicle, and specialist skins, but all players can unlock access to brand new weapons and equipment including a railgun tank, railgun rifle, smart shotgun, bullpup pistol, and throwing knife.

The new trailer is excellent – it might be one of the best battle pass hype reels I’ve seen. Also, a reminder that it hits Xbox Game Pass and EA Play tomorrow alongside the release of season three.