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Multiplayer features detailed in Need for Speed Unbound

by: Jason -
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It feels like we learn something new about Need for Speed Unbound with each passing day. Today, it is the game’s suite of multiplayer features that Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games have peeled back the curtains on. There is a lot of goodness, but also a few glaring omissions for launch.

First off, multiplayer is a separate mode in Unbound called “Lakeshore Online”. It is accessed directly from the main menu and has progression specific to the multiplayer suite, meaning that your progress and car collections won’t necessarily be affected by either mode. With that said, players will not begin online empty-handed so long as they complete certain milestones in the Story campaign, which will then unlock awards in Lakeshore online.

Every player will start off by creating and customizing their online character and picking a starter car. Multiplayer includes the ability to freeroam across Lakeshore with up to 15 other racers in a server, all while completing activities like speedruns, jump, drift zones, and meetups where you can participate in event playlists. If you don’t want to play just with randoms, parties for up to four players are available, which will also allow you to limit playlists to just your friends.

As I mentioned, there are a few omissions to the online experience at launch. There will be no pink-slip bets or side bets at launch, nor will there be any cops present or Takeover events. Those are bummers, but it sounds like they will be added at a later date. There is a whole lot more where that came from – you can read the new blog post on the Need for Speed Unbound website.