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The first Dying Light 2 expansion ‘Bloody Ties’ is out now on consoles and PC

by: Jason -
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After being delayed earlier this year, Dying Light 2’s first story-based expansion “Bloody Ties” is finally out on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The game’s first DLC centers on Aiden Caldwell as he engages in blood sport at Carnage Hall, a converted opera house that now serves as a gladiator arena. There’s more to this expansion than meets the eye, however, as you’ll also uncover a story of family and betrayal.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Dying Light without more powerful loot to kill zombies and humans with, including new weapons and equipment like the Carnage Manica – a special shield that can withstand heavy blows. New enemy types will join you in the arena as well, including the Gorilla Demolisher and the Molotov-wielding Grenadier.

I have owned Dying Light 2 since launch, but have been waiting on a friend to pick-up a PS5 to dive-in, so that we can bash on zombies (and others) in co-op. There's no time like the present!