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Battlefield 2042 headed to Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, new content planned beyond Season 4

by: Jason -
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In what is no doubt a bid to get more boots on the ground in Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts announced that the shooter will be added to both Xbox Game Pass and the EA Play library imminently. The move coincides with the impending launch of the game’s third season of post-launch content, which Insider Gaming reported is releasing on November 22nd.

EA is also planning a series of free trial periods for the game on Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation, which will take place on December 4th, December 5th, and December 23rd respectively. Each platform will get 12 hours to test out the game and all of the changes since its release last year.

In regards to Season 3, developer DICE said we can expect a full reveal very soon, but it will include a new Specialist, a new map, a fresh Battle Pass, additional Portal content, new events, and more. Perhaps the most important note from DICE is that they are in pre-production on new content coming after Season 4, which was scheduled to be last batch of post-launch content for the game. It’s a move that indicates DICE was serious when it told Eurogamer earlier this year that it was committed to supporting Battlefield 2042 for the long-haul.

As someone who has put more than 100 hours into Battlefield 2042, I can assure you that it has come a long way since launch, and is certainly worth checking out once it hits Game Pass and the EA Play library, as well as the free trial periods.

While we wait for Season 3, check out the latest development update from DICE below, where they outline upcoming changes to Specialists (the return of classes!), as well as other refinements like additional map re-works.