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Open-world Chinese action game Project: The Perceiver bursts onto the scene

by: Jason -
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Seemingly out of nowhere, open-world Chinese action game Project: The Perceiver has burst onto the gaming scene. The melee combat title was just announced from Papergames and released a dazzling announcement trailer with several minutes of gameplay.

I say out of nowhere because Papergames is a relative unknown, with their only other title appearing to be Mr. Love: Queen's Choice, a 2019 dating sim visual novel released on mobile devices. Suffice it to say, The Perceiver would be quite the leap forward for them.

It is very reminiscent of Ghost of Tsushima in both its combat mechanics and stunning scenery. No platforms or release date were announced, but this certainly looks like a game to keep an eye on. For more details, check out the game’s website and be sure to watch the impressive reveal trailer below.