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The fun lasted all of one day before Marvel Snap went pay to win

by: Rob -
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I read Elliot's glowing recommendation of Marvel Snap yesterday and decided to give the game a try. I blazed through the beginner content in that first day and was really enjoying it. I actually stayed up much later than I should have last night, falling in the classic "just one more game" trap, which might be the highest praise you can give a CCG.

Then today the current season pass unlocked and I entered into the Symbiotic Invasion event only to discover, lo and behold, the pass locks cards behind a paywall... Miles Morales, Carnage, and Spider-Woman are only attainable if you fork over ten bucks. Seriously?! Get stuffed Marvel Snap. Put cosmetics and progression boosts behind the transactions, but keep a path to access all content for the Free 2 Play crowd. That's the social contract or I have to delete your game from my iPad on principle.

Marvel Snap: good game play, crummy business practices. Looks like I'll be getting the rest of my evenings back for the foreseeable future.