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Free-to-play multiplayer dragon combat game Century: Age of Ashes now available on PlayStation

by: Jason -
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Developer and publisher Playwing released its free-to-play multiplayer dragon combat game Century: Age of Ashes on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 today, along with all content from the game’s first season.

The game was originally scheduled to release on PlayStation consoles on July 19th, before Playwing was forced to delay just one day prior to launch for what appeared to be certification issues on PlayStation.

Century: Age of Ashes features arena-based dragon combat for up to 12 players, hundreds of customization unlocks, and three game modes: Spoils of War (steal gold while protecting your own), Carnage (team deathmatch), and Gates of Fire (a spin on capture-the-flag). The first season of post-launch content, called A Shadow Over Skeld, includes a new class, new map, and a new dragon pass. PlayStation Plus members can also claim the free Dolkuni Lagoon Pack via the PlayStation Store.

Check out the game’s PlayStation launch trailer below: