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Run a bus depot in any city with City Bus Manager

by: Elliot -
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I’ve played a handful of simulation-style games. Heck, I’ve even played several bus-styled sims. But City Bus Manager is letting you run your own bus company in any town or city in the world. It’s doing so by using OpenStreetMap, a project that aims to create a free editable geographic database of the world. “Take ownership of current routes, improve them, and direct traffic to important hotspots and landmarks. Set up reliable timetables and ticket prices, keep your buses clean, your staff engaged and your passengers happy! By using real data to simulate passenger behavior and route travel times, players will have complete knowledge of their customers’ requirements; and with a plethora of bus depot buildings and rooms available for construction, from garages and washing stations to kitchens and restrooms for staff, the power to become the #1 bus company in town is in your hands!” Except for China, they’re the only country that you will not be able to play in. Somehow, all I want is to run a bus depot in China.

City Bus Manager will be out later this year on Steam.