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Sony unveals the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition

by: Henry -
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Lots of news coming from Sony today! Aside from the new PlayStation 5 beta, Sony also announced the PlayStation Edition version of the popular Backbone controller for mobile gaming. Users will be able to use Remote Play on the PlayStation 4 or 5 to play games on their mobile device with the Backbone One. The Pulse 3D headset is also compatible with the Backbone One!

This controller is compatible and supports other games as well, including Genshin Impact, Fantasian and Call of Duty Mobile. The device is powered by your mobile phone, so no charging is necessary. Using the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition on your phone will include familiar menus and UI as you would expect on your actual PlayStation devices.

For more information about the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition, check out the official PlayStation Blog post or the official Backbone website. The Backbone One - PlayStation Edition is available for purchase now for $99.99 for both iPhone and Android.

Check out the official announcement trailer below: